Postdoctoral Fellowships and Postdoc Training

The support and training of a new generation of young scientists in Quantum Research constitutes the cornerstone of the MPHQ's agenda.

Therefore, each year the MPHQ is looking for suitable candidates for Postdoctoral Fellowships. (you can find more information about the application process and the deadlines of application under "How to get involved").

Within the framework of our MPHQ Center a joint supervisory/mentoring structure for Postdocs is to be established between MPQ and Harvard. Each fellow will have the possibility to cooperate with a co-supervisor from the partnering institution in order to fully exploit the potential of each Postdoc research project and to create new scientific synergies between groups at MPQ and Harvard.

In addition to that, Postdoctoral Fellows at MPQ will have the possibility to benefit from the extensive transferable skills and soft skills training offered by the Max Planck Society. Moreover, Max Planck Society offers various support measures to easen the compatibility of career and family life.

You can fine more information on the MPHQ Postdocs here.

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