PI Exchange

Within the framework of our MPHQ Center all PIs will undertake regular mutual research visits in order to foster and enhance the cooperation regarding already existing research cooperations and to discuss the prospects of potential new fields of collaboration.

In 2017 Prof. Rempe already undertook his first research & collaboration visit to his colleagues in Harvard in order to discuss the prospects of the center's scientific cooperation. More information on the scientific context of his research visit will follow soon.

In mid-September 2017 Prof. Lukin from Harvard visited Prof. Cirac's group to discuss further points of cooperation within the framework of the center.

Visit Prof. Immanuel Bloch Harvard 12th-14th of March 2018

In March 2018 Prof. Immanuel Bloch visited his colleagues Markus Greiner, Eugene Demler and Lukin in Harvard to discuss recent development on Nonthermal and Non-equilibrium physics with ultracold atoms. Furthermore the ideas on probing microscopic properties of doped antiferromagnets, specifically outlining experiment for the measurement of a magnetic polaron and strings of spinon-holon pairs in the system, were discussed as well.

Visit Prof. Gerhard Rempe 30.10.-02.11.2018

Prof. Rempe visited our partners in Harvard in late 2018. Part of his visit were discussions about future collaborations within the MPHQ. Additionally he gave a talk with the title: "Quantum Internet: Vision or Fiction?".

Visit of Prof. Ignacio Cirac 25 February - 1 March 2019

Prof. Cirac visited our partner groups in Harvard in late February 2019, accompanied by MPHQ Postdoc Dr. Lucas Hackl, Dr. Jordi Tura and the PhD student Tommaso Guaita. Prof. Cirac gave a talk as part of the joint MPHQ Quantum Seminar with the title: "Quantum algorithms and simulation for quantum many-body systems".

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