Prof. Dr. J. Ignacio Cirac

Principal Investigator

Main Focus

In the theory division we investigate new possibilities of controlling the world of atoms, molecules, and photons, and explore how to exploit their quantum mechanical behaviour in order to process and transmit information in more efficient and secure ways. We also develop theoretical tools to describe many-body quantum systems, and participate in the creation of a new theory of information based on quantum mechanics. [more]

Ignacio Cirac on the MPQ-Harvard Cooperation:

The theory departments of Harvard and MPQ have a long-standing collaboration in diverse fields like Quantum Information Theory, Atomic Physics, and Quantum Optics. Presently, they have started some original research programs on Many-Body Quantum Systems where the techniques developed in the the fields of Quantum Information Theory and Condensed Matter Physics at MPQ and Harvard are being combined to address new challenges and describe physical phenomena that was not possible so far.

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